Insanity. What. Insanity.

I find it difficult to do my therapist-advised, publicly-exposed daily blog today. I am battling to reach any emotion to find that fine line between sane and insane, separating one half of the continuum from the next, as I find it so very elusive right now. I vacillate between wondering if the broad definition of insanity being extreme madness at its’ one end to interesting irrationality on the other is really as bad as the incorrectly attributed Einstein insanity quote makes it out to be. Einstein never said it, but someone said he did and now we insanely believe it. The novelist Rita Mae Brown has the fictional character Jane Fulton in her book “Sudden Death” say it – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. So how insane is that? Attributing a quote about insane repetition to the incorrect person, over and over and over again, and yet it continues to be done and believed. So surely my repetitive, insane belief of the good in mankind still clearly exists comfortably on this opaque continuum, regardless of the lack of kindness in my rose-coloured spectacle mea culpa kind of way?

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