Winter. Solstice. Summer.

For those who know me well, you will find it no surprise that today is one of two special annual days. Today is solstice. I celebrate the summer solstice, always, and I celebrate the winter solstice, always. Every year. But both celebrations always hold both melancholy and hope. Melancholy for the cold to come and hope always for the longer days to start.

I have been fascinated with solstice since I can remember learning about it from a teacher who seemed to have lived many solstices himself. The way he explained how the sun and earth did their annual dance of being closest they could be and then furtherest they could be from each other, year after year after year absolutely fascinated me. Also how, when summer solstice is celebrated in the Northern hemisphere, winter solstice makes itself know down South.

So every year I prepare for it, mentally. I set time aside, I write about it, talk about it, think about it, and truly feel the solstice in its start of winter or summer in the core of my being. I do this because it illustrates so much more to me than just the idea of seasons and days, but it always holds a place of deep respect for how the solstice of my soul has its ups and downs and how I both celebrate, and mourn, often, as I become so close or so far from my energy source.

This year I celebrate June solstice, literally, on the cusp of both, the Southern and Northern hemisphere, physically travelling between the two, as well as experience the end of old and the start of new countries, soul commitments in life and love and friendship, and a fine dance of being closer and further than ever from what used to define me as me.

I feel I have been given a gift of being able to celebrate summer solstice not only in my head, but also in my heart this June, as I know the energy source is further away it has ever been, but closer in my heart than it has ever been, depending from which perspective I look at it.

I am loving the journey as the sun stands still on one side of my life, whilst the other side it has almost all but disappeared. I have come to realise, and accept, that there will always be darkness, and there will always be light. There will always be close and there will always be far. There will always be whatever we want it to be. Summer or winter soul solstice is a choice. When we seem furthest, we are closest.

I have stopped measuring this or that, and replaced it with this and that.

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