Alternative. Icarus. Ending.

As stories of legends are told

About battles won and battles lost

Evil destroyed and harmony restored

We look with curiosity to the creatures of old

Albeit the strength of a Hercules

The fire of Prometheus

The gift from Pandora’s jar

Or the sweet music from Orpheus, near and afar

There is a tale of Icarus

Blissfully escaping the labyrinth 

Embraced with paternal feathers and wax 

To flee the horror of beastly packs

The beauty of being caught in flight

Much to his own implausible delight

Free of constraints and covered with agility

Made the seemingly impossible a possibility

No heed to warning of a burning sun

Believing any possible battle can be won

Feeling wind under his wings, his movement upward

Knowing his true character, an anointed stalwart

Because you see, he knew a deal was made, a treaty struck

Between Grace and the sun, an agreement amuck

That the cost of his flight was paid in abundance

By Grace’s protection and his fear, a redundance

Fly Icarus, fly, as high as you can, close to the sun

As this truce that was made between Grace and the sun

Secures your wings in a blanket of care

Knowing that Grace will always there 

you see, the secret to the truce is this

For you to soar as in highly a bliss 

You need the energy to sustain you, given by the sun

As ultimately, Grace IS the source of the sun

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